We can help you in organising
funds for your child’s treatment
and in managing emergencies

Emergencies are usually meant to be emergencies and more often than not , catch us absolutely off guard. A sudden medical urgency leaves us with no time to research on mediclaim, logistics, accommodation etc etc ! And when the treatment estimate land up on the table, that mostly comes as another episode of traumatic experience in quick succession . Treatment cost of leukaemia can be prohibitively expensive. We might factor in insurance coverage, plan to deal with possibilities of an open heart surgery or maybe a long time due cataract operation and that is perhaps as much as you can or are expected to imagine. But no parents even in their scariest nightmare, would want to visualise on what needs to be done if their kids get diagnosed with leukaemia one fine morning in future!

The problem multiplies since some types of leukaemia like ALL, progress very aggressively and any delay after diagnosis in initiating suitable treatment, can have a direct bearing on the child’s survival. Our corpus and available fundings from donors, DO NOT provide us the opportunity to fund a child’s treatment end to end . But we try to keep a bridge fund readily accessible, that is usually good enough to manage immediate urgencies and ensure continuity of medication or chemotherapy. In the meanwhile, the family and well wishers can pursue mobilising the bigger portion from other mainstream official channels like PM fund etc, since those carry a lead time of at least about 6-8 weeks from application to disbursement, even at an ambitious scale of estimate.

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