Friends from The Community


The people on this page represents a very special group of about three hundred more individuals who have been instrumental in forming the heart and soul of The Ujaas Foundation. Some have known the family of Ujaas for long, some only for a short while and many of them, have been absolute strangers! But each of these partisans have shared a common objective and were integrated by noble values , that brought them together. Regardless of situations, place or context , they have pledged their support time and again , to help the families of critically ill children, including that of Ujaas.

It's not only about the size of donation or donation if at all , that mattered here for this diverse community , but their sheer presence and the empathy shared with the affected families, have made a lot of difference in withstanding difficult moments of life . Their camaraderie extended to the family and relatives of leukaemic children being treated in different hospitals, have created life altering experiences in some occasions.

The Facebook community members of The Ujaas Foundation are now close to 2,000 now, a mixed group of people, who have appreciated the work that UJF has been doing or in many cases, contributed to serve the cause of UJF, in whatever way they could have done. UJF is working on creating a country wide networking program for community volunteers but it will take us a little more while to launch. Till then, stay tuned...