We can help you in accessing reading
materials with up-to- date information
on caregiving for paediatric leukaemia

We have tried to compile reading materials focusing on enhancing care-giver level knowledge and awareness about leukaemia, something that will be critical for protocol compliance and hence, better the chances of a successful recovery for your little one. The idea is to get you into a position where at least you know what are the right questions, before seeking the right answers.

The resources available here are in form of PDF files , that you can download free of charge for your ready reference. Title and authorship are mentioned on the respective files. The role of the Foundation has been limited only in collecting relevant information from reliable institutions offering latest updates and information on dealing with leukaemia. We would also like to provision for a multilingual platform, facilitating information exchange between the affected communities in near future. Until then , a big hug and lots of love from all of us in the UJF team goes out for your little angel. Ujaas Foundation

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