Little Ujaas was born at Trivandrum on a bright sunny day of September in 2006. ‘Ujaas’ means the first ray of the morning that cuts through the darkness of the night. Ujaas matched the definition of his name, a very affable and curious kid with an uncanny ability to become an instant cynosure and stand apart in any crowd. But destiny had different plans in store. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in June, 2011.

Ujaas was treated by a team of most competent oncologists at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, and subsequently at Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata. Right at the final stages of his chemotherapy, leukemia relapsed, leaving no further option for any treatment , other than a very high risk and insanely expensive bone marrow transplant.

A fund mobilization campaign was launched through Facebook. The appeal brought together a global community of more than three hundred donors pledging for the kid. Ujaas, the young warrior with an everlasting twinkle in his eyes, never got a chance to reach the stage of BMT. In a fateful night of June,2014, he left everyone stranded after fighting relentlessly with a nasty infection at Tata Memorial in Mumbai.The balance amount left in his donation fund, has now been invested in ‘The Ujaas Foundation’.

The Ujaas Foundation is all about courage and hope. Its very unique guiding philosophy is to focus on supporting and mobilising funds for the unfunded unfortunates. When the doctors give up because of unfavourable prognosis of a suffering child, and conventional donor agencies also unplug support for reasons likewise , it's not the same lens for the parents and other loved ones ! The donor community rooting for Ujaas, with their unflinching support, no matter what, proved that the world is not always governed by ‘Return on Investment’.

Perhaps Ujaas was ahead of his time and went too soon. But he left behind a sparkling spirit of never to quit, a beacon of hope. The Foundation embraces these values and pledges to move on, promising to stand together with many more Ujaas’ across the world.